Everyone is familiar with Memphis. How could we not be? Memphis is one of the most often mentioned cities (if not the most) in recorded music. Over 800 songs have been documented as mentioning this exciting Southern city. (And, of course, it’s home to Graceland and the Peabody Hotel with its daily “March of Ducks”!)

When Memphians say their roots grow deep, they mean DEEP. For over 10,000 years, this perfect area for a settlement was first home to the Mississippian culture, then the Chickasaw Indian Tribe, all of whom occupied the bluffs along the river, building a large mound above the bluff. Unfortunately, none of these earlier settlers were honored by Memphis’ founders who included General/President Andrew Jackson. They chose to name the city after an ancient Egyptian city on the Nile River. Go figure.

No wonder literary giants like American Civil War historian Shelby Foote (a native) found such encouragement here, and novelist John Grisham sets so many of his books in Memphis.

Of course, you can’t mention Memphis without hearing great music.

Music greats who grew up in and around Memphis include Justin Timberlake, Elvis Presley, B. B. King, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Otis Redding, Jerry Lee Lewis, Muddy Waters, Carl Perkins, Robert Johnson, W. C. Handy and Isaac Hayes, to name just a few. George Gershwin once wrote to W. C. Handy, “Your work is the grandfather of mine.”

So many American music genres were founded by Memphians, it’s hard to list them all. Blues, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll and all their fascinating sub-genres are part of the legacy honored by Beale Street, the national historical landmark tribute to their contributions.

But the explosive excitement of Memphis goes far beyond the world of music. With such success come all the amenities associated with wealthy communities, explains Jimmy Reed Realtors, one of the top firms specializing in Memphis’ luxury real estate market.

Thanks to FedEx, Memphis the busiest cargo airport in the world. Home to four Fortune 500 companies (FedEx, AutoZone, International Paper and ServiceMaster.), Memphis excels all the areas that so intimately affect this upper level population. The University of Memphis leads a pinnacles of excellence achieved in education on all . The arts, culture, nightlife, cuisine — all reflect the demands of Memphis’ sophisticated population.

This is a city full of faith, from the famous “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech by Martin Luther King (the day before he was killed), to Temple Israel, one of the largest Reform Jewish synagogues in the nation. Almost every denomination on Earth is represented, with active communities that are both an asset to, and broaden the horizons, of the city as a whole.

”Memphis in May” is a month-long celebration of everything that makes this city great — like the largest pork barbecue cooking contest in the world! In fact, Memphis is the Pork Barbecue Capital of the World.

Festivals celebrating the arts, history, music, and the like draw international attendance throughout the year. Typical is the Memphis International Film and Music Festival, recognized by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the 25 “Coolest Film Festivals” and one of 25 “Festivals Worth the Entry Fee.” And this is only one of a full series of film festivals that occur in this city annually.

The list of celebrities now living in and visiting Memphis has been bolstered by its growing film industry. Movies filmed here include Great Balls of Fire, The Silence of the Lambs, The Firm, The People Vs. Larry Flint, The Rainmaker and Painted House. Remember the MGM lion that roared at the opening of movies? It lived at the internationally famous Memphis Zoo until its death in 1944.

Cybill Shepherd is a Memphis native as are Kathy Bates, Michael Jeter, Tim McCarver and, of course, Elvis. Residents include (or included) Dixie Carter, Morgan Freeman, George Hamilton and Aretha Franklin. Twenty-four of the 97 stars in Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame are from the Greater Memphis area.

By the way, Graceland, Elvis’ last home, is the second most visited historic home in America — second only to the White House.

So many American business legends started in Memphis, including Holiday Inn (the first lodging chain), Piggly Wiggly (world’s first self-service grocery store), Welcome Wagon, Greyhound and Continental Bus Lines, FedEx, St. Jude’s Hospital and Auto Zone.

Memphis has a whole string of “#1 in the World” (yes, that’s “World”) accolades, including:

Largest annual producer of Christmas wrapping paper
Largest producer of hardwood
Largest cotton market
Largest artesian well water system

And Memphis is the only five-time winner of the nation’s “Cleanest City Award.”

This is an award Realtor Jimmy Reed sees proof of daily. He likes to tell clients he needs no GPS system. He KNOWS Memphis and the surrounding areas like the back of his hand.

That’s what it takes to successfully match discerning potential homebuyers with the right luxury home and community for their particular lifestyles. Not only is he extremely active in community activities, Jimmy Reed Marx-Bensdorf Realtors is working to help continually improve the city and its resources. The Grays Creek project has worked hard to help residents maintain this area’s tranquil rural qualities. Being pro-development, Reed says, does not mean tolerating haphazard hodge-podge expansion.

This is typical of Reed’s focus on not only his clients’ preferred communities — which represent the pinnacle of luxury in living — but for all the extended amenities that make Memphis living so satisfying.

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